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Women on Walls

Our Lady's College Greenhills Alumni Exhibition


I am delighted to feature in the #WomenonWalls exhibition that was inaugurated at Our Lady's College,, Greenhills in Drogheda, Ireland on International Women's Day. I attended Greenhills when I lived in Ireland and obtained my Leaving Certificate there. I have very fond memories of my four years in the college and of the teachers and pupils, and I am very grateful that the school has remembered me, despite the fact that I was not always a model student 😉 . I had an amazing Art Teacher there, Phil McCarten, and Ireland is also where I began singing.

The message to the female students is that you can do anything you want - dream big and do not be afraid to pursue your dreams. « You can be on any Wall in the World, in the UN, at prominent Universities, in Parlement, in Board rooms, on Stage »

« There is no force more powerful than a Woman determined to Rise ». W.E.B. Dubois.

It is wonderful to see the photos of the current students and and I am very honored to be remembered by Greenhills College amongst other female alumnis. Thank you to Aine Curran for initiating this and inviting me.

During my time at Greenhills, the school was run by the Presentation Nuns and I just discovered that the school had a close link with Cardinal Cushing in Boston, where I went on to obtain my Doctorate. The Presentation Order has made an enormous contribution to the education of the young women of Drogheda and its hinterland for the last 200 years.

The school was founded on the present site in 1940 by the Presentation Sisters and was managed by them until 1986. The present building was opened in 1965 by, and with the financial assistance of, Cardinal Cushing of Boston. Following the introduction of free secondary education in 1968 the school expanded rapidly. Our Lady’s College owes much to Cardinal Cushing of Boston, Massachusetts. When, in 1960, he visited the Medical Missionaries of Mary on his way to Lourdes with a group of handicapped children, a meeting was arranged between himself and Sister Ignatius Barry. Sister Ignatius described the Greenhills situation and her desire to have proper accommodation for the students. After listening with sympathy the Cardinal ended the interview with the melodious words “I’ll build your school for you.” Faithful to his word that is just what he did. As the bills for the new school arrived they were sent on to Boston by Sister Ignatius and each time a cheque arrived in Drogheda within the month.

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