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    Michel Bastet


    MICHEL BASTET was born in Bordeaux, France, and has been playing on the Swiss Jazz scene for many years, as well as performing internationally with Piano Seven and other groups in Europe, USA, Brasil, the Middle East, Asia and Albania.. He has played contemporary jazz with artists and ensembles such as Charlie Rouse, Paolo Bellinati, Glenn Ferris, Carlos Ward, Matthieu Michel, la Compagnie d'Eustache de Jean-François Bovard, Robin Eubanks, the Quintette Popolien, and many other musicians and vocalists, in formations from piano solo to duos, trios, quartets and large ensembles. Currently he plays with the following groups as well as performing in solo: Piano Seven: We Jazz, Gentel Marvel, Sophie Ding Trio Quintet, Arrêt sur image Quartet, and in the trio Anna Jazz & Roses.Michel teaches piano the l'Ecole Conservatoire Populaire-AMR as well as leadingWorkshops improvisation and in particular a workshop pianists and one for latin jazz.His recordings include: a number of CD recordings with Piano Seven; "Nostalgia N' Barbès" Michel Bastet, Frédéric Folmer; Le Quintette Popolien; Mathieu Michel Quintet "Yves"; Carlos Baumann Quartet "Schizodie"; "Ballades en Ballade" enregistré à la mémoire du pianiste Bernard Ogay; Peter Candiotto Quartet : « Martha » et "Saxopolis"; Michel Bastet, Philippe Cornaz, Raùl Esmerode « D’Ailes Fines »; Duo François Chevrolet – Michel Bastet; Daisy Barcos « Tangera »; Martin Danukar Sextet « Apocalypse Now »; Jazz au Conservatoire – 3 Pianos “Opossum”; Sophie Ding, Michel Bastet; "What ?"; Olivier van Bogaert quintette "Horizon".

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    Anna Grichting Solder


    ANNA GRICHTING SOLDER is an architect, urbanist, university professor and musician and holds a Doctor of Design from Harvard University. Born in Switzerland, brought up in England and Ireland, Anna Grichting’s first musical encounters were with Celtic music. Back in Switzerland, she followed a classical musical training as well as workshops in jazz and blues singing. From her English pop and Irish Celtic influences, she turned to rhythm & blues with her group the “Mad Hatters” who played venues from 1985-1990. During this time, she was also a member of the French music-hall troupe called the “Batignolles” where she interpreted songs by Mistinguette. She formed a jazz group called “Songs Trio”, with pianist Michel Bastet and trombonist Jean-Jacques Pedretti and played in duo with the female pianist and composer Ariane Besson, singing Ariane’s compositions for Dorothy Parker’s poems. She also had various duos and trios with Sylvie Canet, Julian Pinol, guitartists, Minimal X trio with Martin Wizard, Jean-Jacques Pedretti and Claude Tabarini. In recent years, she has revived her interest in folk music, especially Indian, Pakistani and Celtic music, also exploring the world of improvised jazz and new technologies. She produced and performed with “Border Meetings”, a musical project she developed around the concept of borders, limits and divided cities like Belfast, Nicosia, Beirut and Berlin; with musicians Martin Schütz on cello, Lucas Niggli on drums and Jean-Jacques Pedretti on trombone. With Pedretti, and musicians Sher Miandad Khan, Warisali Baloo Khan and Robert Morgenthaler, they also founded “Sufi Moon”, an encounter between alphorns and Qawwali music centered on the theme of the Moon, playing concerts in Switzerland and Pakistan and especially in the Sufi Shrine of Baba Farid in Pakpatten for the Urs of the Sufi Saint. Anna also composed music for a spatial sound system - a sound architecture with 24 speakers - entitled Mouthpiece I, II, III and IV, inspired by her work on borders, in particular the Cyprus Green Line. This was performed at Harvard University with a live musician playing music from both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Cultures. Anna performed with her late husband, Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder with their project Desert Bridges, with Gnawa musicians in Morocco, with Egyptian bedouin musicians, and with their ensemble at Qatar National Theater for the inauguration of the Swiss Embassy in Qatar.

    CD Recordings: Border Meetings, Altri Suoni, June 2000. Sufi Moon, Planisphare, 2002. Desert Bridges, Qatar, 2013.

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    Frederic Folmer

    Acoustic Bass

    FREDERIC FOLMER plays acoustic bass and was trained at the American School of Paris. He has written over 150 musical works over his thirty years musical career and also a gifted improviser. He has performed all over the globe with musicians from different cultures and styles, including a tour of China with Guo Gan Jazz Band in 2017 with whom he also played at the MIDEM in France; several tours with Trio Moncef Genoud to the USA, ,Africa, Asia, Japan and Korea, and locally the Jazz Festival Montreux, VictoriaHall Geneva, Moods Zürich, North Sea Jazz festival. He played with Youssou NDour at the Festival of Cully and accompanied some sessions with Dee Dee Bridgewater. With the Big band of the AMR, concerts in Cologne, Amsterdam (Bimhuis) and Sevilla. Additoinally, Fred has performed in Albania with Sophie Ding and Michel Bastet and at the United Nations in Geneva with Ziad El Hamadhie Quartet and with a quartet with Michel Bastet, Joël Allouche et D. Pifarelli at the Batie Festival in Geneva, and toured Italy with the trio Tamagochi. He has participated in theatre and shows including Misa Speritista » by Robert Clerc and "Des Gens" with Thierry Hochstatter and DanielVuillamoz; Rudra/Béjart Docks Lausanne with the “CityPercussion”. He has composed music for the film Jeanne d’Arc by Nicola Orioli and K.TDreyer.

    His Recordings include:«Triode» - Triode Quartet PAV818 - Dist. Planisphare; «Nostalgia N'barbes» - Duo Bastet/Folmer (52e Rue Est - RECD 027 -Dist. Média 7); «Mister Mat» Moncef Genoud Trio (STTIK - CD 940012 - Dist.Planisphare); «It’s You» Moncef Genoud Trio (Dynemec Record); «Ornithologies» Altri Suoni; «Together» Moncef Genoud Trio Et Youssou N’dour Frémaux /Planisphare; «Aqua» Moncef Genoud Trio Avec Dee Dee Bridgewater; Rollin’Diceproductions (USA) Dist.Savoy Music; «Moncef’mood» Polistar Japon; «Eponyme 1 « Tribe Reunion «Strange Experience» Moncef Genoud Trio Polistar Japon; «La Planee» Aku Alain Kawzak Unit; « ARIA» City Percussion Et Béjart Ballet.

    Find out more about Frederic Folmer on Linkedin, soundcloud and youtube.