Anna Jazz & Roses

    Vocalist and Founder

    A jazz trio based in Geneva Switzerland with Anna Grichting on Vocals, Michel Bastet on Piano and Frederic Folmer on Acoustic Bass. The trio interprets jazz standards, blues, pop, and groove, with their own compositions, and traditional and ancestral tunes. Find out more about the musicians and watch some recordings here and on facebook. For bookings please contact us.

    Desert Bridges

    Co-Founder and Vocalist Peformer  

    Desert Bridges is founded by Dr. Anna Grichting and Cheo Jeffery Allen Solder, musician and author of One4deBrovah's Desert Bridges spans East and West, bringing sounds from the Swiss Alps, the Arabian Desert and the New York Jazz scene with Musicians, poets and storytellers from Qatar, Switzerland, Egypt, Syria, Africa and America weaving Songs of Unity and Peace. The performance was held at the Qatar National Theatre in April 2013 to mark the opening of the Swiss Embassy in Qatar. The project was funded and supported by the Ministry of Culture Qatar and the Embassy of Switzerland in Qatar. The CD and DVD were released in 2013. You can listen to and buy the CD here.

    You can watch the concert on vimeo here.

    Sufi Moon

    Co-Founder and Vocalist Performer

    Spiritual Pakistani Qawwali from the Sufi Shrines meets archaic Swiss jazzy alphorns around the many spheres and territories of the Moon. Sufi Moon is a fusion of Qawwali Music and Alphorns, composed of three swiss jazz musicians and two pakistani qawwals. One of the more interesting musical performances at the Sufi Soul World Music Festival in Lahore, Pakistan, the Sufi Moon project explores the spiritual symbolism of the moon, which Anna Grichting sees as "a universal symbol as well as the symbol of Islam - the crescent." The Swiss group was first exposed to subcontinental Sufi philosophy three years ago and "Sufi Moon" was created with Pakistani qawwal Sher Miandad Khan and tabla nawaz, Waris Ali Balu Khan, whom they met at the first Sufi Soul Festival in 2000. The fusion has also been performed during the Urs of Baba Faridat Pakpattan (the yearly celebrations that take place in the sufi shrine on the birth date of the saint) and at venues across Switzerland and Pakistan. You can find out more on this link and listen to and buy the CD here.


    Border Meetings

    Co-Founder and Vocalist Performer. 2010

    An explorative journey through physical and psychological boundaries through musical improvisations and spoken words. Free expression and resistance, music and memory, instant creation and liberty of improvisation, word and language; Border Meetings explores the concepts of frontiers and limits in their physical and material expression . Original lyrics and traditional songs, compositions and improvisations, quotations taken from literature and philosophical works form this musical fresque which lead from the deep inner self to distant lands. You can listen to and buy the CD here.
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