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    A list of publications, articles and topics featuring the work of Dr. Anna Grichting

    "QU professor greening
    Doha’s landscape for
    increased food security
    and sustainability"
    Qatar University Research Magazine, Issue 9. January 2018.

    "QU-CENG remembers 'legacy of Zaha Hadid"
    Highlighting her impact on Female Architects and Students. Qatar Tribune, April 29th 2017

    "Urbanism of the Future"
    International Workshop on Sustainable Urbanism funded by Qatar National Research Fund. Gulf Times
    22nd March 2016

    "Sustainable Urbanism.
    New Directions"
    International Workshop Proceedings in URBANISTA Webzine.
    21st March 2016
    Doha, Qatar

    "Sustainable Growth Highlighted at ARC’16"
    Panel on Sustainable Urbanism. New Directions at Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference.
    22nd March 2016

    "Architecture is also about Beauty"
    Interview in GLAM Interiors and Design Magazine
    25th February 2016

    "A Case for Qatar’s Biggest Wetland"
    Urban Design for Wetland Conservation. Gulf Times 25th August 2015

    "Up on the Roof. Bringing Knowledge on Landscape from Switzerland to Qatar"
    Landscape Middle East Magazine
    May 2015 Dubai, UAE

    "College of Engineering opens rooftop garden, Swiss expo"
    Landscapes for Food Security and Biodiversity. The Peninsula Qatar, 4th April 2015

    "Green Boost to Qatar Rooftops"
    Landscapes for Food Security and Biodiversity. Gulf Times
    28th March 2015

    "Vertical farming, the way forward to food security"
    Qatar Tribune
    18th April 2013

    "Women can play greater role’ in construction sector"
    Qatar Green Business Council, Qatar Women in Sustainable Design. Gulf Times, 26th March 2013

    "Call for better system to manage rain water in Qatar"
    The Peninsula
    20th December 2012

    "Green to Blue is need of the hour, says expert"
    Presentation of Urban Design projects for Food Security and Climate Change at COP18. The Peninsula Qatar
    1st December 2012

    "Light Nights. Reflections on Doha’s Corniche and Illuminations on other Desert Landscapes."

    Harvard Graduate School of Design Symposium. After Dark. Nocturnal Landscapes and Public Spaces in the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar Tribune, May 13th 2017

    "A Page-Turner for Youth"
    Hawksbill Turtle Conservation and Designing with students. Gulf Times 26th May 2016

    "QU Department starts a Green Roof"
    Gulf Times, April 2nd 2015.

    "Recognition for promoting bilateral business and cooperation"
    Gulf Times, 3rd December 2017. Swiss Business Council Qatar Award Ceremony

    "We have to integrate biodiversity more than ever into our environment"
    Gulf Times, February 1st 2017. World Wetlands Day and Abu Nakhla Reservoir Qatar

    "Shouting from the Green Rooftops"
    Gulf Times, 9th April 2015.

    "Art and the City"
    Talking points in City Places. Gulf Times, January 29th 2015.

    "The Need of the Hour"
    Preserving Abu Nakhla Reservoir with a Master Plan. Gulf Times, October 6th 2014.

    "Sustainability needs to be Integrated into the Communities"
    Urban Design for Food Security, June 9th 2013.

    "Fusion Concert Earns Standing Ovation"
    Desert Bridges Live at Qatar National Theater, Gulf Times, April 6th 2013.

    "Desert Bridges. Seeking Harmony Amongst Notes"
    Bridging the Gap between Architecture and Music. Gulf Times, April 2nd 2013.

    "Women and the Sustainable Built Environment. Qatar Prospects"
    International Women's Day. Gulf Times, April 12th 2012.

    "Une architecte suisse veut sauver un lac dans le désert"
    Projet écologique au Qatar. Swiss Info. Issue 20th March 2016.

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