Livestream from the Cellar of AMR Jazz Club on 22nd April 2021. On the occasion of the Alumni Network for Harvard Women of Switzerland event with Marie Laure Salles, Director of the Graduate Institute of Geneva. With Anna Grichting, vocals and compositions, Michel Bastet, Piano and compositions,...
    June 9, 2021
    Thankyou to Andrew Dubber of MTF Labs for this interview and podcast on my work as an urbanist, educator and musician. You can listen to the interview and view the transcript at the link below. https://mtflabs.net/podcast114/
    April 2, 2021
    "Challenges are at different levels. Individual, collective, global. We need to be ready to change our own habits and ways of living, and also to create the structures that will enable us to transition to more healthy environments and lifestyles that respect and regenerate nature" Read the...
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