• Borders & Bridges Presentation

    Borders and Bridges is a journey into the territories of boundaries, crossing landscapes, dividing cities and neighborhoods, and reaching the intimate borders that divide us within our own psyches. The music is about exploring borders and building bridges and about how Music can help us feel into these territorial, psychological and spiritual or chasms.


    You can listen to a selection of music and words at this link.


    From Berlin to Belfast, to India and Pakistan and the territories of the Arabian Gulf, the music and spoken word illustrate historical, contemporary and future walls and borders. Sourced from Personal writings, poetry, philosophical and geopolitical writers, it explors the border landscape and it’s physical, spiritual and psychological dimensions and manifestations. The result is a co-creation of spatial, soundscapes composed with traditional musics, compositions and improvisation, with song and spoken word.


    The journey reflects Anna Grichting’s « Life between the Lines » from her origins in the Rostigraben, the borders of Northern Ireland and Berlin to to her work as a researcher and urbanist on the frontlines of Beirut, Cyprus, Korea and the Arabian peninsula and her artistic endeavors into the margins of territories and disciplinary fields.


    The project builds on her previous music projects that bridge boundaries and connect cultures, namely the CD recordings Bordermeetings (altrisuoni 2000), Sufi Moon (altrisuoni 2002) and Desert Bridges (2013).